Kitchen Respray: Breathing New Life Into Tired Kitchens

Kitchen respray; a simple but effective way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Matt Finish Kitchen Respray Ltd is the leading and original kitchen respray company in the UK. We’ve been respraying kitchen cabinets for over 25 years and are pioneers in the industry. We specialise in kitchens but can transfer the process to fitted bedrooms suites and also undertake commercial respray work. We cover most of the UK and our clients range from everyday people to, FTSE managing directors and even a rock star.

The Kitchen Respray Process

We take all your easily removable items like kitchen doors, drawers, plinths etc. back to our factory and can usually repair any damaged areas. We then carefully mask up, wash down, sand and spray all the fixed items that are left like end panels, cornice, pelmet, flyovers, carcass edging, open shelves etc. Back at the factory we repeat the process on your removable items before placing them in a temperature controlled drying room. We then bring the removable items back to you and refit them leaving you with a brand-new look kitchen. We can generally respray kitchen cabinets of any type including, wooden, plastic veneer or MDF. Our staff are all time served tradesmen and we have full liability insurance.

Colour and paint:
We use the latest technology and high performance low odour coloured lacquers on your kitchen doors giving you a perfect factory finish. We can match to any colour but use Farrow and Ball as our stock colours. The majority of the kitchen respray work we do is in eggshell or 20% sheen level, it’s what we find works best.

We don’t supply handles but can fill existing holes, make the old hole virtually invisible and drill new holes. New handles can complete the “new look” of your kitchen cabinet respray.

Other jobs, worktops, tiles etc.
Here at Matt Finish Kitchen Respray Ltd, we specialise in kitchen unit resprays. Whilst we can sometimes recommend trusted tradesmen for other parts of your kitchen refurbishment we concentrate solely on spraying. If you are having other work done liaise with us as to the best order for all the contractors.

The Benefits Of A Kitchen Respray:

Re-spraying is becoming increasingly popular in the current economic climate. As the market leaders in this field Matt Finish Kitchen Respray Ltd are spearheading the movement towards respraying rather than replacement doors or a new kitchen. If your kitchen is in good condition, why buy a new kitchen or replacement doors if you can pay a fraction of the cost to respray kitchen cabinets. The respray cost obviously varies depending on the size of your kitchen. An average respray price for a kitchen would be between £1,500- £2,000.

Minimal Disruption
Having your kitchen completely replaced is extremely disruptive and can sometimes take weeks to complete. Respraying your kitchen cabinets with Matt Finish Kitchen Respray Ltd is much simpler, usually complete within one working week or over 7 days with your kitchen only out of use for 1 or 2 days. We leave you with no mess and minimal disruption.

Environmentally Friendly
A kitchen respray is a greatly economical way to update your kitchen without costing the planet more of its precious resources. We can make your kitchen look as-new without creating waste and harming the environment. A helpful added bonus when refurbishing and modernising your kitchen! Why rip out a perfectly good kitchen to replace it, sometimes even with an inferior product.

Making Your Kitchen Beautiful With A Kitchen Respray

By using Matt Finish Kitchen Respray Ltd for your kitchen respray you can be sure that you are going to get an unrivalled quality of service, product and finish to your kitchen cabinets. We guarantee our work for 2 years and have thousands of happy customers. So contact us on 0151 356 4400, via email or fill in the contact form to let us help you make your kitchen beautiful. Don’t Replace, Respray!