Frequently Asked Questions

We mainly spray kitchens but regularly spray fitted bedrooms, freestanding furniture and also do commercial work. In fact we can spray most things that are wood or plastic.

We use a low odour cellulose based acid catalyst two pac paint known as Envirolac. It is quick drying and any smell will be minimal by the next day.

The paint is designed for furniture \ kitchen units and is tested to BS 6250 STD. It should last for years and years under normal conditions. We’ve been spraying kitchens now for over 10 years.

We will guarantee our workmanship for 2 years.

Ring or email the office, we need to know your location, how many doors and drawers you have and anything unusual. Pictures are great too.

Yes, if you are within an hours drive of our yard, out of this area we do everything by phone or email. We can sometimes come and see if you if we are working in your area.

We accept cash, card (fee may apply for credit cards) or cheque.

We work nationally but tend to do work within 4 hours of our base.

We fit handles as part of the job, if you supply us with new handles we can fill the existing holes and drill new ones.

No we let customers arrange these, we can sometimes recommend trusted tradesmen for other services.

The majority take 5 working days, with us usually being in your house spraying on day 1 and then returning on day 5 to refit.

We use the Farrow and Ball colour chart as our stock colours, you can though have any colour and we can also colour match.

The majority of our work is in an eggshell sheen (semi-matt), we can though do differing sheen levels. Gloss finishes work best on a smooth surface, the higher the sheen level the more it will show up any imperfections in the underlying surface.

Yes, we call this a refresh job, we regularly do doors that look tired, have been sun bleached or water damaged etc. It is more difficult though to change a dark door to a lighter colour.

Generally yes, it depends on the damage.